November 20th, 2010 – The Final Launch

This weekend the Yavin IV project was officially lost. We launched from just outside Delano, MN at 4:00pm, it travelled SW for a few miles before catching the NE bound jet stream. We got a final position location around 5:30pm and it appeared it had landed in a corn field just west of the St. Croix river in Taylors Falls, MN.

A few shots of the location information we had via Loopt/Google Maps.

We searched around in the dark for about an hour and a half on our own before knocking on the closest door and then heading out into the fields with some friendly hunters and their high powered spot light. Again, nothing to be found. Not even the faint glimmer of our flashing LED beacons. Nowhere.

We gave up around 9:00 and headed back to the city. The hunters apparently spend every weekend out there, and they’re keeping their eyes peeled for it and have our contact info if they find it. I checked back in on Sunday afternoon, walked around for a bit in the daylight and scanned the surrounding fields. Ran into the hunters again and they said that hadn’t seen anything either. So hopefully they’ll find it one of these days, or a good citizen of Taylors Falls will be wandering in the Interstate Park and stumble across it. Either way, fingers are crossed it returns one day.

Here’s the last video footage of the little guy as he heads out on his last adventure.

YouTube Preview Image

Lastly, our estimated flight path based on the few Loopt checkins we got after launch and at the landing location. I also denoted the area searched. Click for more.

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